In today’s pick, Alex Zhu walks us through his journey to demonstrate what true growth hacking looks like.

Very rarely have we seen such immense clarity of thought bundled into one interview – Robbins’ notes are perfect, but do watch the whole video if you can!

A love poem

For our very first video recommendation, we thought we’d keep it simple. So here is some heart-warming spoken word poetry by Sarah Kay & Phil Kaye. The topic is the simplest (and the most complicated) thing – Love!

Busy, busy!

If you look around you, everyone seems to (want to) be busy.

Self-imposed work, an urge to take on more obligations, and the need to plan “productive” use of free time to a tee – explore the rise of all this and more in today’s piece from The Economist.

Federer moments

When a great writer is in awe of one of the greatest tennis players of all time, you end up with nothing short of a relic.

Join David F. Wallace from The New York Times as he reflects on the human beauty that is Federer in action.