Think back to the last article you inhaled which absolutely changed your world-view. That fantastic piece of writing that absolutely immersed you for a good 15-30 minutes. The journalistic piece of excellence that made you want to become best friends with the author.

Now imagine 150+ such articles.

If you’re at the edge of your seat, you will be glad with the Library of Scroll.

What is it?

The Library of Scroll is a [freely accessible!] collection of the best reads we have curated over the years – released as one phenomenal article every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We pick eclectic gems that go all over the place (from Japan to Iceland, from K-POP to Manchester United, from BTS to Federer, from Albert Einstein to Murakami, from Bitcoin to KitKat, from 1963 to 2021…)

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

We love long-form pieces and had been hunting for a source that curates great articles/podcasts. Three things got in the way of every source that promised greatness:

One: A disproportionate focus on recent material, which meant they’d rarely share anything published before 2020. This meant skipping over some fantastic old material (which, for starters, don’t talk about the recent news – like the ever-present pandemic – on loop)

Two: An overload of sources sticking to a few niches – skipping over a gamut of fun reads with no genre to call home. Why would you possibly pigeon-hole yourself, when the internet is rife with completely weird, fantastic writing?

Three: Inbox fatigue. They’d reach our inbox, but we’d get too overwhelmed with our newsletter back-log to read through the whole thing. It was a problem waiting to be cracked: what gets a human being to actually read something they subscribe to? A clean no-nonsense email? Skip the inbox and leaf through a pictorial summary that pops up on Instagram? Or just don’t have a subscription – keep a website which you can visit on your own terms?

What do we do instead?

First, we span decades when we collect articles. Our picks can get as old as this 1955 anecdote on Einstein, and as recent as this beautiful 90-minute 2020 essay on a beautiful friendship.

Second, we are way too eclectic when it comes to our picks:

Given the two MBA curators, we obviously do hunt for some cool advice on striving to become leaders, on navigating corporate life & on the craziness that is adulthood post college (amirite?)

But we also love to read about lovelife & loss.

And most importantly there are days, where we want to completely detach from our personal & professional lives, and go down enchanting rabbit holes: say a visually stunning long-read on Butterfly Catchers by Nat Geo, or an evergreen essay by the running novelist (Murakami) from The New Yorker or, wait for it, a riveting podcast on a guy who goes to great lengths to find “that song that’s stuck in his head”

Third, we did want people to read the damn thing. So, we built it as prettily and intuitively as we could – we have a website, and allow subscribers to choose between an Instagram subscription or a pretty neat newsletter!

How has the journey been thus far?

To be honest, we didn’t think we would last more than a month (“Dude, we will run out of articles” or worse, “Dude, this is a new shiny hobby, we will get bored and move on”). But here we are, ~12 months strong, 150+ articles and 3500+ subscribers.

And above all, for us, Library of Scroll has been an exercise in discipline, in teamwork & on learning to spend time on things for pure joy (you know, we can just share plain links when we feel like it, but we add some pizzazz for the sheer whimsy of it all).

Re-reading some of these reads has given us perspective & clarity: we have definitely become a little less insecure about what’s to come in our careers & lives, and a little more “make the most of now” kinda folks in the last 12 months. Dive into our archives to experience some of this magic for yourself!

Wait, how do I check this out, again?

Right – in case you missed the links earlier, you can subscribe to our email newsletter or our Instagram feed. If you want to see all our archives in one place, you can always stop by our website!

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We’re …not bad.

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